Federico Franciosi, a well known guitarist with the nickname Ciosi, knew by age eight what would become his greatest passion. When he picked up a first guitar and heard its sound for the first time, he understood that from then on, he would carry a love of music which would only grow. At fourteen, he began playing with various bands, generally preferring to play rock and blues, however it was not until age twenty that his career really began.

Ciosi began to play guitar as a professional musician, working at several pubs, hotels, restaurants, parties, and weddings. During these exhibitions, Ciosi collaborated with many bands and musicians of various genres and styles.

However, none of these opportunities were enough to satisfy this extraordinary artist’s thirst for knowledge of music, which, at age twenty-two, led him to choose to study mainly acoustic guitar. As a result, Ciosi focused on the various styles which could be played on a guitar, such as rural blues, flat picking, cross picking, floating, jump-string, jazz improvisation, and harmony. In doing so, Ciosi was able to mix and weave the various styles and techniques, making his music and his performances unique.

At the age of twenty-three, he created his “Ciosi One Man Band”, playing three instruments at once (guitar, harmonica, and table neck) and focusing mainly on folk music. Using this technique, Ciosi was able to explore his passion for music while traveling throughout many nations across Europe and around the world, such as Austria, Germany, France, Finland, Poland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, and Argentina.

At twenty-four, Ciosi published his first record, named “Buonavita”. This record displayed Italian pop music, with original songs and two covers.

 At twenty-seven, he published his second record, titled “Far Apart”, which was a folk pop album, containing five original songs.

At twenty-eight, Ciosi published another pop folk record, named “Beautiful Infinity”, also containing five original songs.

At thirty he began an in-depth study on guitar flatpicking and new compositions for acoustic guitar with a pick.

At thirty-one started the love affair with his partner SILVIA.

At thirty-three he became father of ETTORE and begins his new musical life by buying the much-loved “dream guitar” SANTA CRUZ 1934 D MAHOGANY MODEL.

At thirty-four old he published his first album for acoustic guitar “MY FIRST TIME”.

At thirty-five old idealized and produced with a handful of faithful friends and associates the first edition of the show for acoustic guitar “ACOUSTICOLOGY” playing with the master of the flatpicking BEPPE GAMBETTA and the bassist DAVIDE PEZZIN.

At thirty-six he produced the second edition of “ACOUSTICOLOGY” playing with BEPPE GAMBETTA, the Greek guitar duo “GREEK FLATPICKERS”, bassist LARRY MANCINI and percussionist SBIBU.

At thirty-seven released his second solo acoustic guitar work “INTO THE WILD SESSION” collaborating with musicians LARRY MANCINI, MAX PIZZANO, PIER BRIGO, MATTEO VALICELLA and MATTEO BREONI.

He also produced the third edition of “ACOUSTICOLOGY” playing with guitarist ALBERTO CALTANELLA, bassist PIER BRIGO and drummer DAVIDE MORIGGI  and percussionist SBIBU.

To date Ciosi continues to play wherever the music is in the air, by disseminating notes and sounds from which fans of good music you can wrap and take over completely.

If you continue to follow the exciting career and music of this extraordinary artist, overtime you will discover and rediscover his captivating and engaging art.