Of Emilio Ruffo

Federico Franciosi aka Ciosi is a young songwriter and acoustic guitarist enamored of his instrument, a passion that led him to the study of the great “flatpicking”, a traditional technique, mainly used in American bluegrass and that is characterized by the coup on individual strings instead of simultaneously.
This path leads today and for the first time, to “My First Time” on his debut album.
A well-kept since packaging production, edited by Giovanni Moriggi, inspired by the wood of guitars and simple graphics in the country-blues style. Are eleven tracks that recall now to Jazz, Bluegrass now but also to pop. With impeccable sound footage that makes real and warm acoustic guitar played with a pick, unique instrument and Prince of this record achievement.
All songs are written by the same author with the exception of two tributes in honor of “stars” Beppe Gambetta tool (Slade Stomp) and Massimo Varini (you’ll be fine).
Nice description of moods that inspired Ciosi takes us on an internal booklet for each track. In short, a great work for lovers of the genre that could eventually Ciosi music addict.

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