When I was a child…

From small, perhaps to 7 or to 8 years-old, my mother thought about sending  me to one of those that call "marvelous experiences" to a camposcuola summer-educational-Catholic. Because I was one of that children that my teacher called "vivacious". During this experience I fell in love me of a beautiful child but unfortunately was not corresponded because she was spellbound and blinded by the fifteen-year-old animator that sang with the guitar!!
Back home demolished but confident I gave the torment to my mother repeating to the endless one: "I want to learn to play the guitar!!!!" in the hope that the following year that child also fell in love him of me. So started everything.
From a camposcuola summer-educational-Catholic, soon mine "reason for life", was not that child but the music anymore! The music bewitched me and perhaps it made me very less "vivacious!"! In my past in certain circumstances you have known how to save me and I are certain that of sure it will also attend me in my future.

Why the bandana?

Since the first years of youth I have always had the long hair because mother and my grandmother appreciated this strong and intense black head of hair above my head, so much that, I have always worn the bandana from the 12 / 13 years-old in on, simply because I liked and because the threshold of the 40 years still likes I.
During the summers and during the years I have combined the colors of shirts, shirts, plushes and jackets with the Bandana, I still have a good time turning for the local markets and to buy Bandana of every tones of color, from the yellow to the pink one to the blue one to the green and so street.
With the intuition of my friend Enrica Ciresola, has conceived and created the logo "Ciosi" to form of plectrum with the "bandana design" and with the writing "Ciosi" of various colors.
During my career, so many people have asked because I always wear the bandana and later more than 20 years that I wear it "normally" and "habitually" as if it were a pair of underpants, I deduce that it is the wish of the bandana same to be an integral and brotherly part of my performances live and of my music