“Acousticology is a musical-theater festival, and it is an idealized by a group of acoustic music fans…”


This third edition of Acousticology, taken place on Saturday 3th December 2016 at the Dante theatre in San Pietro di Legnago (Vr), was an event full of emotions.

Ciosi has officially presented his new album “into the wild”, with his friends: Davide Moriggi at snare drum and percussion brush, the great bassist Pier Brigo and the excellent and fun Sbibu at percussions.

A deserved thanks to the good presenter of this year Caterina Bonafè, who delighted us singing some songs at the end.

Guest of honor the great and talented Alberto Caltanella who presented the album “wind bells” with his magnificent Taylor guitar, winning the award plaque of Acousticology. Thanks to Alberto Caltanella for contributed to this edition and for spreading the acoustic music in the world.

Another thanks to Luca di Biase for lights and scenic design, Michele Olivieri for the backstage’s organization and to Filippo Bellini, the photographer.