As a child, maybe 7 or 8 years old, my mother decided to send me to do one of those they call “wonderful experiences” at a summer camp-educational-Catholic.
Because I was one of those kids that my teacher called it “lively”.
During this experience I fell in love with a beautiful girl but unfortunately I was not corresponded because she was fascinated and blinded by the 15-year-old entertainer who sang with the guitar!!
Came home dejected but confident gave the torment to my mother repeated endlessly: “I want to learn to play guitar!!!!” in the hope that the next year that little girl fall in love with me.
And from there it started it all …
From a summer camp-educational-Catholic, soon my “way of life”, was no longer that little girl but the music! She has Bewitched me and maybe made me much less “lively”!!
In my past under certain circumstances She was able to save me and I’m sure that She nursed me also in my future.

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