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1. To My son
2. Nature’s Mood
3. Transatlantic
4. Steve White Blues
5. Dream Guitar
6. Mardel
7. Slade Stomp
8. She
9. Back To My Shoulder
10. Andrà Tutto Bene
11. Samuel or Virginia

The listening of a so refined and purely intimate disk, makes to taste the magic of the "colored air" issued only from a guitar acoustic ring with the plectrum.

Since the first moment the listener tastes various ramifications of the style FLATPICKING, dipping in a climate of "acoustic world" himself, derived by various ways to use the plectrum through the six ropes and determined by a language of elegant ornaments as the crosspicking, pull off, hammer on, cascadè staircases, double notebook, improvisation's scales, masters' licks and percussion's groove.

The album introduces nine signed passages and composed by CIOSI and two covers riarrangiate in honor of two teachers of the guitar: Joe GAMBETTA ("Slade Stomp") and Maximum VARINI ("EAndrà Tutto Bene").

The songs written and composed by CIOSI draw from a background that it spaces from the blues to the jazz, from the bluegrass to the pop one, with strong influences acoustic-folk. Every creation is different , breaks and fast times they amalgamate in in bloom harmonies and timely and persuasive dynamics.

My First Time is exactly what CIOSI has done, discovering and loving the acoustic world has composed, sweaty, studied, tried, gotten by, recorded and created this first job of his with the whole love that the music has given him.

We leave the rest to the listener and the same future. Happy acoustic sound!



1. To my son

"The song is devoted to my child ETTORE. I have composed this harmony thinking about the first times that my child crawled in the house and tried to move the first footsteps and -I confess- the emotion has been strong. The passage is played in style crosspicking (down up up) and the effect that creates this technique through the ropes of the guitar is very amusing."

2. Nature's mode

The song refers to the immense movements and the great messages that the Mother Earth she's giving us in these last times: seaquakes, earthquakes, storms and other phenomena that remember me as the humanity he is involving toward the Nature. The harmonically composition extends to be tottering and mysticism as the flame of a match, and this choice of mine serves to give an image of the fragile relationship between Nature and Humanity.

3. Transatlanctic

I have dedicated this song to the passengers of all those ships that in the postwar period they have crossed the ocean to the time of America toward a best future, leaving itself to the shoulders desperation, hunger and poverty. The song has a pressing rhythm for the presence of percussion style; harmony is happy-go-lucky as the sea to the morning. In the final part of the song I have tried to describe the sighting of the earth with the consequent joy of the emigrants full of hope.

4. Stive white blues

Steve White has been the musician folk-blues that I have mostly appreciated for his generating works of enchanting atmospheres and for his style "ONE Hand BAND." Entitling this song with his name I desire omaggiarlo to thank himfor his music. For the one that was interested to Steve: www.stevewhiteblues.com 
Thanks Steve.

5. Dream guitar

The song is dedicated to all the impassioned of acoustic guitar that they love his own tool and that to hand hand they grieve to the liuteria, to the various models, to the various woody essences and everything that that it is the world of the guitar.
My guitar of the dreams is the 1934 D MAHOGANY of Saint CRUZ GUITARS and this song it is dedicated to her.

6. Mardel

Mardel is the nice nickname with which the citizens of Sea Of the PLATA use to call this enchanting city of the Argentinian coast. In the past his port accept so many immigrants that arrived from Europe. The passage is colored from fresh accords to represent the waves that break him in the I bring of Mardel.

7. Slade stomp

Slade Stomp is a song composed by Joe GAMBETTA, and it' dedicated to Charles SAWTELLE the great pioneer of the flatpicking. It belongs to the homonym disk published in the 2006. I have chosen this piece for honour the career of GAMBETTA, recognized as one of the world teachers of the FLATPICKING. In the technical chitarristica, and in the devotion to the music, to him I inspire me. Thanks Joe.

8. She

This song is dedicated to all the women of the world, to the female universe, woman muse of songs, poetries and works, woman as the all that there is around. Without the women the man would not have future.

9. Back to my shoulders

Written by me in key of avant-garde with rhythmic moves, different musical scenes between spaces and they open of harmonies. I dedicated it to all those people whom believe really in if same, those people who always go astute for their road but that they still stop him and they look back him to reflect, to meditate and to try to snatch the sense of the life.

10. Andrà tutto bene

With this song, of the bright and famous Maximum Italian guitarist VARINI, I want honour he who teach a lot to me listening the music and following the lessons of it. The original song belongs to its album ANACRUSIS of the 2011. My modest interpretation wants to be faithful to the original one with some tone of style flatpicking. To my notice it deals with one of the song for acoustic guitar that better makes the potentialities and the effects of the harmony of it through the ropes.

11. Samuel or Virginia

I haven't had a title for this passage, up to when, in the days of study session, arrived in room of incision and the fonico and friend Chris it welcomed me giving me the news that he would have become father. After the congratulations I asked as would have called the small one and the answer was: SAMUEL or Virginia. So I found the title in a beating of eye!

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